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Kopan Nunnery: Experience a day in our lives

You will be surprised that day in the lives of the nuns are just as long if not longer than that of an investment banker. They spend an average of 14 hours a day praying, studying, carrying out their appointed duties and fulfilling requested dedication and prayers.


Morning Call & Breakfast Offering of Milk Tea and White naan bread.


Commencement of daily Tara Pujas.
Here, all prayer requests received by the Nunnery will be dedicated accordingly to provide blessings and fulfill the wishes to those who require them. Make a complimentary prayer request and dedication for your loved ones.


Short break to organize rooms and use the toilets.


Morning Classes – English & Tibetan language

12:00pm Lunch

Afternoon Classes and/or Debates


Daily Duties such as cleaning common areas, doing charity work, making incense to raise funds and more.


Memorise text e.g. volumes of sutras

18:30pm Dinner
19:30pm Clean room
19:45pm Clean room
22:00pm Meditation/homework
23:00pm Bed time

On occasions when the nunnery receive a request to do an extensive Puja, these Pujas lasts for more than 10 hours . The nuns will start during the Night Prayer hours so that it does not disrupt their daily programme and will do prayers with joyous effort throughout the night.. This happens several times a month!