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Kopan Nunnery has been established for 28 years under the spiritual guidance of the Founders of Kopan Monastery.
The Nunnery has grown at a rapid pace as there are only a few nunneries in Nepal and India with long waiting lists. Despite having been closed for admission in the past 2 years, the Nunnery continued to admit at least 30 nuns each year out of great compassion.

At Kopan Nunnery, 50% of the nuns are orphaned, 25% come from homes with single parents whilst the rest from impoverished families in Tibet and the neighbouring Himalayan region. There are limited education & monastic opportunities for women in the Himalayan region with most women working in the fields or as servants.

Kopan Nunnery offers full scholarship to each and every nun - providing accommodation, food, healthcare, modern day education such as English, Science, Math as well as Buddhist philosophy taught by qualified Buddhist masters. Many of the nuns go on to become Doctorates in Buddhism and inspirational Spiritual teachers. Clearly, this is a favoured path for these girls who had very little or no opportunities to begin with.