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The nunnery receive many orphaned girls from the Himalayas who seek refuge and spiritual guidance and the nunnery is unable to take in all the requests. As it is, the nunnery houses up to 400 nuns and requires an average of USD 8,000 a month to fund the operating expenses which consist of utility bills, food supplies, warm clothing, books, stationery and general amenities.

The Kopan Nunnery relies on 2 main revenue streams to fund its monthly expenses; these are via Prayers or Puja donations and the sale of the Kopan Nunnery Incense which have spotty income. The Nunnery can raise up to USD 3,000 and as low as USD 1,000 a month on slow months.

We are providing you with the opportunity to be a Monthly Sponsor to help the nuns.

  • Upon your request, the Nunnery will be happy to do an extensive Puja for you or your loved one. This puja over 10 hours involves all the nuns making prayers and dedicating them in
    fulfilling your wishes.
  • You may use request for the Puja to be made for someone else such as a friend who is
    unwell or for your parent’s longevity and good health during their birthday month.
  • The Kopan Nunnery will list your name on the Benefactors’ Plague.
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