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Benefits of Building a Nunnery

Extract From the Mindfulness Sutra (Do Drenpa Nyershak)

“How many number of atoms the building has, you are collecting that much merit to be born as a king, deva, and in the human realms as a wheel-turning king, so for so many eons you are able to enjoy the results of that merit, happiness and of course, ultimate enlightenment”

“By making this gompa, and by building all these things, one collects so much merit by helping others have these opportunities to develop their mind.” ...

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Extracts of the Benefits of Building a Nunnery/Monastery by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

“The great Mongolian Lama, Zahi Pandita said, “Among causal phenomena, the virtue of establishing monasteries is the greatest. There is no greater than that.” Lama Atisha told the same to Dromtonpa.”

“In all the lives you will have happiness, will get good rebirth, and will create good karma in the next lives. While experiencing the result for ten millions of eons, all the time you will enjoy your life, with joyful mind, with no sorrow, and in the end will achieve the state of peace, the cessation of suffering and its causes.”

Also the great Indian yogi, Nagden Pawo said, “To establish a temple for the mighty aryan beings (Sangha) of Shakyamuni Buddha, soothing somebody with the words, ‘please help to build,’ ‘please donate,’ ‘please give a hand with the work’…” - any group of people who help to build a monastery, even during sleep, while standing up, eating, whatever they do, the merit of building the temple continuously increases, immeasurably.

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