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The Kopan Nunnery Management & Administration team can be contacted at the details listed below:

The Kopan Nunnery
PO Box 817, Kathmandu, Nepal

9771-482- 1236 (Kopan Nunnery)
9771-482- 1382 (Kopan Monastery)

Fax Number
9771- 482-0267


Other contacts:
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Contact Kopan Nunnery's Website Conceptualiser

A big heartfelt thank you to each and every benefactor, volunteer, supporter, country coordinator, all FPMT centers, staff at Kopan Monastery/Nunnery/FPMT and everyone who has in some way or form contributed towards the development of Kopan Nunnery.

The website was conceptualized and constructed within a month. Inspired by her recent visit to Kopan Nunnery and touched by the hearts of its beautiful people, she personally photographed, interviewed, designed the architecture and wrote the content together with a friend, a faithful disciple of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The website would not have gone live without the generousity and compassionate hearts of Vincent, Frankie and Benson.